Hatz Music

Hatz is Tim Darnell’s wonderful new singing group that leads worship at Churches and anywhere people of faith gather. Hatz is all about spreading the Gospel message through powerful  and moving songs, harmonies and testimony. Formed at the end of 2016, Hatz is one of those rare groups that you’ll want to hear as often as possible!

You can help us spread the wonderful message of Christ’s love and salvation by sporting a Hatz Music car window decal or bumper sticker. Place it on your car and help us get the Word out!

Hatz decal: $7.00


Hatz members include Tenors, Kirk Taylor and Steve Triplett and bass singer, Luis Rodriguez. The blend is excellent and Holy Spirit is sure to be the director of the group and the audience at the same time. Join Hatz on Facebook by simply searching for Hatz !

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