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Tim Darnell

10 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. We so love this song. We love the melodic feeling it sends out through the music and verses. You feel like your home while the words make your heart feel like your home again …. a much needed reminder to this current generation. Thanks Tim for the joy you give in these words and thank you for loving God. Your music is a touch of heaven to Cliff and me.
    Please note that God is doing a great many things in all our lives. He currently has given me back my voice and I have been doing songs on the Mission Field and at church. It has given me my joy back too. Please watch for my book forthcoming. “He Gave Me Signs and Wonders” by Joyce Day Guy….by Indelible Publications. I am looking for a Publisher now..Please pray for this to become one of God’s strong tools to show His Power in the earth today. amen Love you birthday Brother. Joyce

      1. Hi Tim,
        Still enjoying this wonderful song….when do you have it recorded and ready for mailing? I invite you to go to my profile on line on FACEBOOK now and see the cover of my new book. It is almost ready and in my hands….Giving God all the Glory…amen bless you brother…have a nice evening…say a prayer for me as having some cold / asthma problems tonight…wouldn’t hurt to have a prayer or two…thanks…
        Joyce Guy

    1. Hi Wes – thanks for asking! You can download “The Rhino” on iTunes – type in Tim Darnell and The Rhino in the search window.

  2. Wow! Tim’s vocals on this CD are spot on. But I wasn’t surprised. lol. I expected greatness. Love the song selections, especially the arrangement and performance on Make Us One. My favorite, The Lord’s Prayer, is on here as well. I’ll be listening to this CD for years to come… Thanks Brother Tim!

  3. What a great collection of songs! Tim delivers a message through his music and his passion is clearly heard. The final track was a welcome surprise with its raw recording of family harmonies. Thanks Tim!

  4. I grew up listening to Dreamer on a Better Road, singing in the car on the way to school and just everywhere we went.
    My parents are looking for a way to get it on a CD. Is that possible?

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