Every Moment in Time – Available 8.15.2016

Tim Darnell’s NEW ALBUM

“Every Moment in Time”

Releases August 15, 2016!

I’ve been listening to it over and over again! – Debby B

Tim Darnell 2016

I love it! I can’t wait to tell my friends about it so they can enjoy this wonderful album as well! – Jackie S

Love, love, love it! – Kristi W

16 songs. Several originals and beautiful love songs celebrating marriage and Jesus… Your spirit will be uplifted by this great new album, Tim’s 27th and his first in over 12 years. You can purchase “Every Moment in Time” by clicking the link below. You’ll find your CD in DigiPak (hard copy) in your mail box in a few days!

“Thanks for enjoying my music over the years. I am beyond blessed to have had so many fans and friends. This solo album is dedicated to Cathy, my wife of 31 years who has stood by me through thick and thin. Many of the songs are also about my love for Jesus, without Whom I would not have been able to deal with both the successes and failures throughout my life! He is my rock, provider, and friend.”

“I also want to thank all the talented artists, musicians, and supporters who contributed to this album – those who played in various bands, wrote songs with me, booked my group(s) and me, and who just loved and encouraged me over the years. It has been a fantastic voyage, with much more to come, Lord willing!

I love these songs. I hope that you do, too!

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