Daddy’s Little Girl!

Fun project for Jim McClellan and his daughter, Megan. Congratulations to your family! I enjoyed singing Jim’s lyrics set to an old Brenda Lee tune! Watch on YouTube

2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl!”

  1. Tim’s casual comment about “Daddy’s Little Girl” is a dramatic understatement. He spent months working on the song, accommodating an amateur musician and a nervous father (me….). But the result is SO worth the effort! Months after the wedding, people are still talking about “that song”. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Even the professionals at the wedding (photographer, etc.) made comments about it, both at the event and later.

    The cell-phone video shown in the link doesn’t do justice to the marvelous vocal treatment Tim gave to this project. I still can’t dance, but Tim’s efforts made that moment a memory that will last forever.

    Thank you, Tim!

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